Opening doors of personal possibility through Torah learning and living.


Rabbi Shimon Moch, the “Open Door Rabbi” provides a full offering of rabbinic services in South and Central Florida and the Caribbean. He provides diverse, egalitarian, and LGBTQ+ affirming services that he creates with those who seek him to officiate at life cycle events or teaching opportunities. 

Rabbi Shimon Moch seeks to open doors of spiritual potential through Torah living and learning, building better worlds within each individual, and in the community and world around.

Open Door Rabbi is there for all who wish to worship, study, and work together toward that better inner and outer world, regardless of ethnic background, age, sex, or sexual identification.

Understanding, Affirmation, Friendship, Seeking, Accomplishing Together.

Rabbi Shimon Moch


Rabbi Shimon Moch offers full Rabbinic services as you need them.

 I will be there for you when you need a Rabbi.