Birth, Brit and Baby Naming

Open Door Rabbi is available to expecting parents to help them prepare for one of the most spiritual moments in life, the birth of a child. Shimon Moch will meet with expectant parents in groups or by couple to help them identify ways that can prepare themselves and their unborn baby for this significant event that will change everything in their relationship. Rabbi Moch will help the expecting parents to choose an appropriate Hebrew name and design a Brit and Naming Ceremony to be used after the baby is born.

Open Door Rabbi will create a ceremony especially designed to meet your needs and celebrate your dreams for your new child as she or he is entered into the Covenant of Abraham and Sarah with God and as the child is blessed and given a Jewish name in Israel.

Rabbi Moch will help create an appropriate ceremony that welcomes into the Covenant and the family children who have been adopted.

Open Door Rabbi will help redeem First Born children with the help of a Kohen, as required by Torah.