Dying and Death

Rabbi Moch will make himself available to be with your family during the challenging time when a loved one nears death. That time can be a time of great spiritual healing as an individual prepares him or herself to leave this world. That preparation can include vidui, the final confession one makes of one’s regrets and failures in life and the affirmation one makes of faith in the One who exists beyond time and space as a dying person says Shema Yisrael. When the dying is unable to speak, Rabbi Moch will help family members gathered around to speak on his or her behalf. The preparation for death can include healing rituals, songs sung or music played by family members and friends, words of truth and remembrance spoken, Psalms read.

After death you can call upon Rabbi Moch to be with your family and pray with them and help them to be in their deceased loved one’s presence for the last time. He will help your family to make final arrangements when those arrangements have not been made in advance.

Rabbi Moch will visit with your family to help design a Jewish funeral or memorial service that best respects the wishes of the deceased and the grieving family members and best honors the deceased.

Rabbi Moch will officiate at the funeral or memorial service of your loved one.

Rabbi Moch will help organize the consolation meal and minyanim to take place after the funeral during the first mourning period of shiv’a and stay in periodic touch with your family through their mourning period.