Jewish Wedding – Nissu’in

The Open Door Rabbi, Shimon Moch, is ready to help you plan and celebrate a Jewish wedding ceremony worthy to remember for a lifetime. Rabbi Moch will meet with you for premarital counseling, guide your through the process of establishing a strong Jewish home and family and help you establish spiritual goals for your relationship. He will help you prepare spiritually with mikveh and taharah. Rabbi Moch will help you plan a wedding ceremony that reflects your needs and your dreams for a lifetime together. Rabbi Moch is a master at making even large wedding ceremonies personal, intimate, spiritual and meaningful.

Rabbi Moch has extensive experience in Destination Weddings with a specialty of conducting wedding ceremonies in the Caribbean, including at the oldest and most beautiful synagogues in the Western Hemisphere. He has performed wedding ceremonies in Barbados, Anguilla, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands as well as on-board ships. He is well connected throughout the Caribbean including in Jamaica, Aruba, Curacao, Sint Eustatius, Saint Martin, Saba and Suriname.

Rabbi Moch will help you spiritually recognize the end of past relationships or any other impediments to opening your life to a new chapter with your beloved beshert (destined one).

Rabbi Moch will meet with couples during the year after their marriage to help them build on their relationship strengths and address their relationship challenges.

Rabbi Moch will work with LGBTQ couples and help them build strong and lasting relationships and celebrate and affirm the love and commitment that has brought them together.

Rabbi Moch will work with interfaith couples to plan and celebrate a wedding that affirms their relationship and celebrates what each partner brings to that marriage. He will help you find draw on spiritual strengths that are not available to couples in a single faith household and to create rituals to celebrate that spiritual strength.